Saturday, July 11, 2009

One Week Down . . . or Up, Perhaps?

Week One bumped to a close yesterday.  Still think the kids are terrific, although because I am not accustomed to teaching the younger students, I am still adjusting to how many times I have to repeat myself--and how many times I have to quiet them down.  As a whole, they are talented--and very funny!

One of the unexpected dividends of the structure of our summer program is working in such close proximity to Dr. Hood--a REAL science teacher.  (I am the interloper.) We've known each other for years but have never had the opportunity to watch one another teach.  She is extremely knowledgeable but has no need to posture as way to convince our kids how much she knows. Julie is not looking for a "following," but she already has one. She just knows her "stuff" and the kids know she knows it. She's sincere, mellow, funny, and interested in the well-being of the kids, who are learning a great deal.  So am I!

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