Sunday, July 19, 2009

Final Week, and then . . . Science Teacher No More

Looking ahead, there's is much to do this week.  But, first, where have we been? 

So far, the kids have set up their blogs, thrown seine nets to collect marine life from Biscayne Bay (identifications came afterwards), written about the flora and fauna of Virginia Key, completed a daunting APA formatting challenge, read and discussed Plato's anti-empirical argument in The Allegory of the Cave, Stephen J. Gould on Darwin, Thomas Kuhn on paradigm shifts in the sciences, and taken about a third of a practice PSAT.   

We will wrap up this week by finishing what we started with the PSAT (with a focus on why particular responses are better than others). We will attend  a presentation on "technology on the cutting edge," watch and cheer as the engineering classes launch their team-made vessels, and dance until we can dance no more at Friday's cotillion. 

Math and engineering teachers have exposed students to a great deal as well. If you consider what has gone on in all three areas, you cannot help but be impressed by the rigor and variety of the summer program at MAST Academy. 

We have put in place the kind of summer program for which private schools charge thousands of dollars.  This is indeed quality public education.

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