Thursday, October 9, 2008

Module Four Reflection

Technology most effectively supports student learning when it provides an opportunity for learners to showcase both their technical expertise and their knowledge of subject--in this case, Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice as text and film. Finding the balance between technical skill and a deeper knowledge of subject is not always easy. We have all seen situations develop in a classroom or professional setting where technical skill far outstrips content knowledge. The products that result from this imbalance may look terrific but they are most often lacking in any kind of depth or analytical sophistication.  When the skewing is in the direction of knowledge of subject over technical skill, the product often shows little understanding of design principles. In my own work and in that of my students I want to see that necessary balance.

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Lavetta said...

Oh for that balance in everything we do! I remember when we were so impressed with the bells and whistles on the powerpoints! We've come a long way. I hope we can continue to keep up! It's getting harder . . . but you always seem to be there on the edge before many of us!!