Thursday, January 28, 2010

Essay #1 Assignment

Eng. 105
Univ. of Miami
Margaret Haun, Ph.D.

Paper #1
1st draft due on 2/2; 2nd draft due on 2/4 for peer review/conferences
Final Paper due on 2/11

In 750-800 words, discuss what you think are the chief ideas/concepts/contributions in the Tannen article, “The Roots of Debate.” If you want to disagree with her, please do so—but your challenge, if you mount one, must be made explicit in your introductory paragraph. Note, though, that you are not required to disagree with Tannen; this prompt asks only that you explore her main points and make them clear to your audience—in this case, me, a reader familiar with Tannen’s essay. Do not simply rehash her main points. (For example, Tannen first says this; then she says this, and then she says . . .) I am looking for your understanding of her essay as you make that understanding apparent in your analysis/exploration of her ideas.

You may, of course, quote from the essay as you develop your response to the prompt, but please do so sparingly. Long quotes always give the impression that you have not fully understood the text and are relying on the primary source or focus essay/article to do your work for you.

Drafts and final paper must be typed. Follow the MLA format—see the handout at the end of the course syllabus. For additional information on the MLA format, including examples of how to quote, paraphrase and summarize the Tannen essay, please consult the Purdue OWL site listed on my blog ( or go to the website for the University of Miami Writing Center:

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